AgaMatrix Presto Pro


Professional blood glucose monitoring with easy test strip removal.


Professional features.

With the Presto Pro Blood Glucose Meter, you'll receive accurate results in an average of 6 seconds. Results are viewable day or night with a large, backlit display.

Safely remove used test strips without direct handling through the built-in test strip ejector.

Meter Features:
  • Proven clinical accuracy
  • Multiple-patient testing
  • Test strip ejector
  • Small, 0.5 µL sample size
  • Fast, no code testing
  • Automatic marking of control solution tests
  • Large, backlit display for easy viewing
  • Custom Hypo and Hyperglycemic alarms
  • Non-slip rubber grips for better handling
  • Mealtime and 14, 30, and 90 day averages
  • Alternate site testing
  • Stores up to 300 results
  • 6 user-settable testing reminder alarms
The Box Includes:
  • AgaMatrix Presto Pro Blood Glucose Meter
  • Two pre-installed CR2032, 3-volt, lithium batteries
  • Two replacement CR2032, 3-volt, lithium batteries
  • Compact carrying case
  • Owner’s guide
Additional Information:

Use only with AgaMatrix Presto test strips and AgaMatrix control solution.

User Reviews
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  1. Consistently High for Me

    First off, ADW is great. Good price, fast shipping. Did some research and thought I'd found a great meter that had reasonably priced test strips. My issue with the meter is that for me and the 3 bottles of new non expired test strips, it produces readings that are way higher than my other meters with an occasional flyer that is close to my other meters. A little background, I've been testing for over 10 years and have 2 other types of meters (one touch and freestyle) that both read typically within 5 points of each other - both fasting and after meal values. The presto once in a while will read close to the other 2 meters but typically is off by 20-30% (not points but percent - so higher after meal values are even more off than fasting levels). I called Agamatrix customer service and they walked me through everything (which I was already doing correctly) and they concluded that everything was fine. I'm giving them 2 stars because the rep wasn't rude. If the meter was off consistently by 20 or 30 points I could simply adjust but it's off by a varying % and is inconsistent so based on my experience I would not recommend this meter. I'm sure for others it works and is a great meter with cheap test strips - YMMV.