We're developing technology to improve the future of diabetes care

Our founding principle is that better technology leads to better therapy. From improved methods for blood glucose analysis to innovative smart device connections for simplified data management, we strive to provide solutions that change the way diabetes is treated.

Innovative technology

Feel confident in every reading with advanced WaveSense technology. Using complex digital signal processing algorithms, our proprietary Dynamic Electrochemistry detects and corrects for errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.

Efficient Manufacturing

Our innovative technology and manufacturing expertise has made us the choice manufacturer of diabetes devices for top retailers and pharmaceutical partners.

We've manufactured over eight million devices, three billion test strips, and supplied product on a global scale across 30 different countries.

Data management solutions

Years ahead of other blood glucose monitoring companies, we released our first mobile app for diabetes data management, and developed the first blood glucose meter to directly connect to the iPhone® and iPod touch®.

Our FDA-cleared software can be used or customized for connected health solutions, as our SDK and APIs enable third-parties to seamlessly transfer glucose data into their apps and systems.

200+ combined years of medical device industry experience

Our team has extensive experience in the medical device and diagnostic industry, developing everything from enzymes to manufacturing lines.