Together, we can continue to improve diabetes management.

Combining our expertise with that of our partners allows us to develop cutting-edge products, target specific patient segments, and deliver unique connected health solutions across the globe.

Strategic Partners
By expanding our glucose monitoring technology through strategic partnerships, we're able to bring our expertise for glucose analysis and world-class manufacturing techniques to a wider market.
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Connected Partners
We collaborate with large and small-scale companies to integrate accurate glucose tracking into connected health platforms via wireless syncing, mobile and cloud-based APIs.
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Clinical Partners
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A partnership with a leading global pharmaceutical company that led to notable industry firsts.

In 2010, we became Sanofi’s global blood glucose monitoring partner, delivering innovative devices for a global healthcare leader. We developed the first meter to connect directly to the iPhone®, powered by AgaMatrix’s WaveSense™ technology. Together, we also co-developed the first self-monitoring device to provide estimated A1C values and the first meter with integrated basal insulin titration. Meters developed for Sanofi have been distributed in more than 15 countries.

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Strategic Partner
  • 1st meter to connect directly to the iPhone (iBGStar®).
  • 1st self-monitoring device to provide estimated A1C values (MyStar Extra®).
  • 1st meter with integrated basal insulin titration (MyStar DoseCoach®).

Private-label blood glucose monitors for major retailers throughout the United States.

Perrigo is a leading global healthcare supplier and the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products for the store brand market. Through a strategic partnership that began in 2011, we developed private-label blood glucose monitors that are now available in over 15,000 retail pharmacies.

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Strategic Partner
  • Commercialized the CVS Health Advanced Glucose Meter in 2014 and the CVS Health Advanced Bluetooth Glucose Meter in 2018, available in over 9,800 pharmacies.
  • Partnered with leading retailer, Kroger, to launch store brand meters across 35 states.
  • Launched traditional and Bluetooth® meters for regional supercenter chain Meijer.

Delivering personalized insulin therapy optimization.

Glytec’s prescriber-directed, FDA-cleared Glucommander Outpatient solution offers personalized insulin titration decision support for basal, basal/bolus and basal combinations. Through seamless integration between the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App and Glytec’s platform, healthcare professionals are able to optimize insulin therapy in an outpatient or virtual setting.

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Connected Partner
  • Completed cloud-to-cloud integration in 2017 to deliver accurate glucose data from the Jazz Wireless 2 meter.
  • Enhanced healthcare professional glucose monitoring and treatment adjustments through a secure wireless connection.

Facilitating preventative care and remote monitoring of diabetes.

LifeWallet is a healthcare technology company focused on connecting patients and healthcare professionals. A seamless Apple Health connection between the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager app, LifeWallet’s apps for health risk assessment, and follow-up care have enabled patients who are high-risk or have type 2 diabetes to receive individualized plans for better managing their diet, exercise, and glucose monitoring.

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Connected Partner
  • Minimal manual data collection by syncing glucose results from the Jazz Wireless 2 meter through Apple Health.
  • Participants saw an A1C reduction of 3.3% (from 6.0 to 5.8), through the GE-backed Sugar Smart for Life Program in partnership with West Kendall Baptist Hospital.