Glucose Monitoring

Our innovative approach sets us apart

In our pursuit to apply new techniques in glucose assays for improved accuracy, we introduced a novel method called Dynamic Electrochemistry.

We’ve created a sophisticated electrochemical technology for sensing blood glucose by improving the ability to detect the glucose signal and correct for common sources of interference.

What is WaveSense?

WaveSense is a suite of patented technologies that uniquely applies Dynamic Electrochemistry in blood glucose measurement. By utilizing Dynamic Electrochemistry, we can extract a spectrum of information inaccessible in traditional static electrochemical methods and compensate for many interfering factors to ensure accurate, reliable glucose readings.


Our proprietary science and designs are protected by 170 granted and 39 pending U.S. and international patents.

How does WaveSense work?

Through a series of complex electrical signals sent from the meter to the test strip and back, a real-time feedback loop is created that accurately detects the glucose signal in blood. Advanced dynamic signal processing algorithms are then used by the meter to detect and correct for common sources of errors.

1. Glucose reacts with an enzyme in the test strip.
2. Complex electrical signals are sent from the meter into the test strip and back.
3. The meter accurately detects the glucose signal by removing common sources of interference and displays a result.
Proven performance

Feel confident in your readings. Learn how our proprietary technology, unique manufacturing techniques, and extensive quality control enable AgaMatrix meters to deliver reliable results you can count on.

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