We're developing technology to improve the future of diabetes care.
Accuracy matters

Everything from insulin doses, diet choices, to patient safety depends on accurate blood glucose readings. Since day one, our diabetes technology has been built on the principle of proven accuracy, so that patients and healthcare providers can always feel confident in their readings.

Glucose monitoring

Compared to past electrochemical methods, our advanced WaveSense technology was one of the first home blood glucose monitoring technologies to consistently achieve ±15% accuracy against a laboratory standard. WaveSense detects and corrects common sources of error that lead to inaccuracy to provide accurate, reliable blood glucose readings.

Connected health

Our connected health solutions have been improving diabetes data management for years. By developing products that integrate and communicate with smartphones, and other devices — either directly or through the cloud — our technology makes it easier for patients to capture, analyze, and share their glucose data.


Our proprietary science and designs are protected by 170 granted and 39 pending U.S. and international patents.