Uncompromising Accuracy

Our mission is to deliver innovative, affordable glucose meters with proven accuracy

Accuracy standards are getting higher, but so is the cost of testing your blood glucose. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between accuracy and affordability when it comes to managing diabetes.

Why does accuracy matter?

An accurate blood glucose reading is an important factor in managing your diabetes and making daily treatment decisions. This reading factors into everything from dosing insulin to diet and exercise choices. Our proprietary WaveSense technology, unique manufacturing techniques, and extensive quality control enable AgaMatrix meters to deliver reliable results you can count on.


AgaMatrix’s blood glucose meter earned the Diabetes Technology Society Seal of Approval.

Proven performance

Independent studies demonstrate the accurate performance of our products.

Recently, the Diabetes Technology Society performed a rigorous, multi-site study that compared the top commercially available blood glucose meters. Meters and test strips were independently sourced from retailers around the country, representative of products that consumers would purchase in the market.

The results showed high accuracy performance from the AgaMatrix Jazz family of meters.

  • Approved: The AgaMatrix meter manufactured for CVS pharmacy (CVS Advanced Glucose Meter) was one of six products with passing performance, receiving the Diabetes Technology Society’s Seal of Approval.
  • Accurate: The results from the AgaMatrix product were as good or better than leading brands on the market, with 97% of results within ±15% or ±15 mg/dl of the lab reference in > 95% of trials.
  • Affordable: Over 66% of products tested did not pass, including some costing double or triple the price of the AgaMatrix product.

View DTS Study Results

What affects accuracy?

A meter's accuracy can be affected by variations in hematocrit (the amount of red blood cells in your blood), altitude, temperature, and other factors.

Our blood glucose meters feature WaveSense technology, which enables us to extract extensive data during the testing process to detect and correct for variations, delivering accurate, reliable results.

Reliable quality

AgaMatrix's world-class manufacturing techniques ensure accurate and reliable product performance. Our test strips go through a rigorous 27-point quality assurance analysis throughout the manufacturing process. The goal? Create the perfect test strip, every time.