About Us

Our team's focus is to improve diabetes care technology and affordability
Who We Are
We are a diverse, driven, team of engineers, scientists, designers, developers, and professionals across three continents who are passionate about providing innovative solutions in diabetes care. Our leadership has a depth of experience with over 200+ combined years in the medical device industry.

Our Leadership
What We Do
Our capabilities encompass everything from enzymes and algorithms to glucose meters and mobile apps. We developed the first glucose meter to employ dynamic electrochemistry, the first diabetes management app from a glucose meter manufacturer, the first glucose meter to directly connect to an iPhone®, and other first-in-class products for our partners.
Proven Technology
Where We're Heading
We have a vision for shaping the diabetes market through continuous innovations in biosensor technology and blood glucose monitoring. Our diverse team is exploring novel solutions in high accuracy blood glucose testing, continuous glucose monitoring, and intelligent connected device ecosystems.

Connected Solutions
Given the strong patient demand for high quality and value in this segment, we are very pleased to have completed this deal with AgaMatrix who, we believe, has industry-leading quality and technology.

A legacy of innovation

U.S. and international proprietary patents
Products with WaveSense technology on the market
Combined years of medical device industry experience
User Reviews
“These work really well and I plan on using them for a long time”
Ron C., AgaMatrix Jazz Test Strips 50ct
“This is the best thing since sliced bread! Can't get enough of how easy ordering my supplies are! I'm loving every moment of this. ”
Corbett Randall, AgaMatrix Lancets 33G 100ct
“Excellent product, price and service! Far more accurate and consistent than several others I've used before. ”
Stephie, Presto Test Strips (50 ct)
“Easy to use and only takes a small drop of blood.”
Linda, Presto Test Strips (100 ct)
“Dependable, works just right, I will buy again. ”
S. Fahey, Presto Strips (100 ct)

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