A Legacy of Innovation

Innovators in Blood Glucose Monitoring

The development of Dynamic Electrochemistry Technology

Our technology originated from humble beginnings—sugar, salt, and $50 worth of components from RadioShack.

From that initial experiment, we’ve created a sophisticated technology platform for sensing blood glucose, by improving the ability to detect the glucose signal and correct for common sources of interference.

WaveSense Explanation

How WaveSense Works
1. Glucose reacts with an enzyme in the test strip.
2. Complex electrical signals are sent from the meter into the test strip and back.
3. The meter accurately detects the glucose signal by removing common sources of interference and displays a result.

The WaveSense Difference

WaveSense™ Dynamic Electrochemistry® was the first blood glucose monitoring technology to consistently achieve ±15% accuracy against a laboratory standard.

WaveSense is a suite of patented technologies that uniquely applies Dynamic Electrochemistry® in blood glucose measurement. By utilizing Dynamic Electrochemistry, we can extract a spectrum of information inaccessible in traditional static electrochemical methods.

Through a series of complex electrical signals sent from the meter to the test strip and back, a real-time feedback loop is created that accurately detects the glucose signal in blood. Advanced dynamic signal processing algorithms are then used by the meter to detect and correct for common sources of errors.

The WaveSense difference means clinically proven accuracy. Want to learn more about the clinical performance of our products?

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