Accuracy First

Since day one, our technology has been built on the principle of improved accuracy.

Accurate glucose data is an especially critical part of managing diabetes. We understand that people with diabetes and the clinicians who treat them rely on it for making treatment decisions.

With AgaMatrix's WaveSense™ Dynamic Electrochemistry® you can depend on clinically proven accuracy. Our proprietary technology detects and corrects for common sources of error that lead to inaccurate results.

How Important is Accuracy?

Diabetes management starts with a blood glucose reading. What if that reading was off by 20%?

Since diabetes treatment decisions are based on a blood glucose reading, accuracy can affect everything from how much insulin is taken to diet choices and even patient safety.

The current US standard for accuracy in blood glucose meter performance allows for ±20% variation (95% of the time) from a laboratory standard.

What do these differences mean? It means that a reading of 200 mg/dL could really be anywhere from 160 to 240 mg/dL!

Accuracy Funnel

How does AgaMatrix's accuracy compare?

results within ±15% of the lab standard

In an independent clinical study, the AgaMatrix Premium Meter (“Jazz”) provided results within ±15% from a laboratory standard 99% of the time1.
results within ±10% of the lab standard

The AgaMatrix Standard Meter (“Presto”) provided results in clinical studies within ±10% from a laboratory standard 93% of the time2.

Reliable Results

The accuracy of blood glucose readings can be affected by variations in hematocrit (red blood cell levels), altitude, and temperature.
WaveSense extracts extensive data from the test strip and blood sample to detect and correct for interferences – providing accurate, reliable blood glucose readings.
1. Based on an ISO 15197:2013 system accuracy study; YSI reference.
2. Based on an ISO 15197:2003 system accuracy study; YSI reference, Type 1 & Type 2 participants.