AgaMatrix Ultra-Thin Lancets (33G) 100ct


Ultra-thin lancet for less pain during testing.


The AgaMatrix Ultra-Thin 33 Gauge Lancets are the thinnest lancets available from AgaMatrix for maximum patient comfort when testing.

  • Thin, 33 Gauge lancet tip
  • Easy, pull-off lancet cover
The Box Includes:
  • 100 sterile, single-use lancets
Additional Information:

AgaMatrix Ultra-Thin Lancets are for use with AgaMatrix Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.

User Reviews
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  1. Just order this!

    This is the best thing since sliced bread! Can't get enough of how easy ordering my supplies are! I'm loving every moment of this.
  2. New to AgaMatrix 33 guage lancets

    I am fairly new using the AgaMatrix 33 Gauge lancets but find them to be easier on my fingers than the barrel type. No bruises with the AgaMatrix. The price is very good. I have received 2 orders from them and I have. Very satisfied with both orders.
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