Future Innovation

At AgaMatrix, we are constantly looking for the next innovation in blood glucose monitoring (BGM) technology.

Intelligent Meters

The next generation of blood glucose monitors will do more than provide a number.

Future meters will have increased accuracy, be easier to use, and be able to:

  • Perform advanced calculations and detect trends
  • Assist with insulin calculations
  • Provide insights for better diabetes management
  • Communicate with other devices

Connected Solutions

People with diabetes have to deal with many devices—meters, insulin pumps and pens, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices to name a few. That doesn't even include apps and software!

Developing devices that communicate with each other, either directly or by transferring data to the cloud, will help provide more complete diabetes management. Transferring data to a central cloud will also allow advanced algorithms to analyze the combined data and discover new patterns and relationships.

Integrated BGM

By integrating our proven blood glucose monitoring technology into other products, we can bring the power of WaveSense™ technology to other health and diabetes devices.

An accurate glucose reading is central to diabetes management. Insulin pumps, insulin pens, and CGM devices all rely on readings from a BGM (for dosing and calibration). By leveraging our existing BGM technology, we can help develop more comprehensive medical devices and make it easier than ever to get the all-important glucose reading.

Opportunities for Innovation

We're always looking for companies to partner with to expand the reach of our technology. If you are interested in working with us, contact .

Data Management

Integrate blood glucose data from our blood glucose monitors into data management software to detect patterns and trends.

API Partners

Use our existing application programming interface (API) as a solid base on which to develop new apps for diabetes management.

Insulin Pumps & Pens

Our BGM solutions make it easier than ever to combine glucose readings with insulin therapy.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Improve the CGM experience by streamlining the calibration process and integrating our BGM technology.

Other Medical Devices

Include BGM functionality via wireless transmission or direct integration.
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