Blood Glucose Monitors

Our BGMs feature WaveSense™ technology for uncompromising accuracy
Blood glucose monitors developed by AgaMatrix
  • No coding
  • 0.5 µL sample size
  • 300+ reading memory
  • 6 seconds average test time
  • Clinically proven accuracy

Uncompromising Accuracy

All of our meters feature WaveSense™ technology, a proprietary suite of measurement techniques using dynamic electrochemistry® to correct factors that can impact the accuracy of blood glucose measurements.
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Device % of readings within ± 15% of reference*
BGStar® (AgaMatrix/Sanofi) 98.8%
iBGStar® (AgaMatrix/Sanofi) 96.5%
Leading Competitor 1 91.8%
Leading Competitor 2 93.5%
Leading Competitor 3 94.0%
Leading Competitor 4 91.2%

*For readings with reference glucose value ≥ 75 mg/dL, n=170

Source: Institute for Clinical Research and Development, Mainz, Germany; Pfützner A et al. Clinical assessment of the accuracy of blood glucose measurement devices. Curr Med Res Opin. 2012;28:525-531.

Intelligent Meters

Current and upcoming blood glucose monitors push the boundaries of blood glucose monitoring technology.

Connected Meters

Developing meters that can connect to external devices and systems means that a simple blood glucose test can lead to actionable insights: an estimated A1c, a dose calculation, a detected pattern, etc.

Wireless Connection

The emergence of faster, more reliable wireless technology means that the days of searching for the right cable are over. Perform a blood glucose test and the results are seamlessly transferred to any compatible system for storage and analysis.

Just test – it's that easy.

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