Turn-Key Solutions

Blood Glucose Analysis

Dynamic Electrochemistry® in Any Device

For a complete glucose testing solution, we've developed our WaveSense™ Glucose Module alongside our high-accuracy test strips. This self-contained analytical engine is capable of performing a blood glucose assay and reporting the results to a host device.

By engineering our Dynamic Electrochemistry® technology into this postage stamp-sized component, we've made ISO 15197:2013 accuracy available for implementation into any device.

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AgaMatrix Health Manager iPhone app

Mobile & Connected Health Solutions

Our focus on Mobile and Connected Health is to provide mobile and cloud solutions that meet FDA regulatory approval and are HIPAA compliant for the purposes of enabling end users to better manage their diabetes and to connect and share their diabetes related data with third parties.

AgaMatrix has a history of developing regulated mobile applications both for ourselves and for our partners. Our development process allows us to iterate quickly to add new features, customize applications, and add new clients to our connected health suite.

Software development kits are also available for our cable-connected meters to allow our partners to more quickly develop their own custom applications with support for our meters.

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Quality You Can Trust

Our glucose sensing products are manufactured in accordance with all applicable FDA and ISO requirements.