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Supporting National Diabetes Awareness Month

Supporting National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM). One of AgaMatrix’s employees, Dave Cerqua, is all too familiar with the challenge of living with diabetes and shares his letter as part of the American Diabetes Association awareness campaign, #DearDiabetes.


Dear Diabetes,

I don’t remember the day you first became my sidekick since I was only 18 months old and that was almost 55 years ago. You have never left my side, always there in need of my attention 24/7….I have had not one moment of alone time from you. I was told by many that you would be gone by now and guess what, you’re still here!

I have decided since we’re stuck together we need to get along in this long-term relationship, and that I was going to be the “boss.” I was told that you would win by the time I turned 40 but I was determined not to let that happen, that I would control you in our so-called relationship. I achieved this by exercising every day, eating healthy and keeping you under my control.

I can never forgive you for what you did to my parents….they worried so much what you could do to me. Before the invention of Blood Glucose Monitors, diabetes management was mostly done by guess work and was very difficult. As a toddler, I’d be outside playing and all would be good, except once in a while you would want some attention and you got it. Wham! I’d be on the ground unconscious, but I always bounced back.

I don’t hold any of this against you except for one thing, you became two of my children’s sidekicks also, and guess what…they are the “boss” of you too! You have always been in the shadow of my life as I didn’t let you get in the way of anything I wanted to do. I am the “boss” and I will always be in control of you!

To learn more about National Diabetes Awareness Month, visit DiabetesMine for a comprehensive overview.

As Dave highlighted, a healthy lifestyle is an important part of managing your diabetes and its impact on your life. For more information about diabetes, please check out the following resources:

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