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AgaMatrix Partners With College Diabetes Network

AgaMatrix Partners With College Diabetes Network

AgaMatrix is joining with the College Diabetes Network (CDN) as a corporate partner to support their work with young adults across college campuses nationwide, and to introduce them to our innovative connected monitoring solutions.

“We are excited to welcome AgaMatrix as a CDN Corporate Member,” said Christina Roth, CDN’s CEO and Founder. “While we cannot expect young adults to jump directly into perfect diabetes management practices while navigating the first few years of independence, we can give them the tools to make it easier. It is CDN’s commitment to help this population gain awareness and access to the ever-expanding therapy options for people living with diabetes.”

“We are excited to partner with The College Diabetes Network, a local organization that has grown to have a nationwide reach, and support the impact they have on students while on campus and beyond,” said Juleen Ginty, Marketing Manager at AgaMatrix.

“Having a connection to other students, along with mentors and guides to help navigate the transitions in college, is a vital tool in maintaining healthy diabetes management habits. We see this partnership with CDN as a great opportunity to introduce more young adults to our connected monitoring solutions, as well as to provide valuable insight into the integrations and affordability that young adults seek during college and early in their careers.”

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