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AgaMatrix and Glytec Announce Strategic Partnership

AgaMatrix and Glytec Announce Strategic Partnership

SALEM, N.H., June 8, 2017 – AgaMatrix, Inc. and Glytec announced today they are partnering to optimize clinical access to accurate glucose data and insulin titration support through a cloud-based diabetes management platform.

AgaMatrix is integrating their FDA-cleared Jazz Wireless 2 Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS®), featuring FDA-cleared Glucommander™ for evidence-based insulin dosing decision support. By automatically transferring patient blood glucose data from the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App to eGMS®, health care professionals are able to deliver personalized diabetes therapy management in a virtual setting. The two companies are actively engaged in a pilot of this integrated solution.

“We have a legacy of developing unique monitoring solutions that leverage a connected platform to empower more people with diabetes to easily track and share their glucose data,” said John Alberico, President and CEO of AgaMatrix. “The collaboration with Glytec further emphasizes our commitment to providing better technology to enable better diabetes therapy.”

Bob Leonard, President and CEO of Glytec adds: “Currently, some fifty percent of all patients on insulin are not only above their target A1C goal, they’re also experiencing far too many avoidable episodes of hypoglycemia. Not surprisingly, the difficulties and costs associated with managing diabetes create major issues with medication adherence and discontinuation. Given the highly individualized complexities of basal and bolus insulin management, and the lack of dynamic tools available historically, there’s no reason anyone should have expected different results. The integrated AgaMatrix-Glytec solution provides clinicians easy-to-use, highly scalable, evidence-based decision support to more effectively and efficiently titrate patients in a virtual care fashion as opposed to waiting months between office visits to make insulin dosing adjustments. We’re excited to add AgaMatrix as a partner.”

Blood glucose control is an essential aspect of diabetes management, as lower blood glucose levels can help prevent or slow the progression of complications from diabetes, and frequency of hospitalizations. Combining AgaMatrix’s ability to deliver accurate, connected solutions for blood glucose monitoring with Glytec’s advanced insulin titration removes the data management burdens that typically fall on a health care provider and patient, while providing improved utilization of insulin therapy to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

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About AgaMatrix
AgaMatrix is a private company based in Salem, New Hampshire, that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative solutions for blood glucose monitoring and data management on mobile and cloud platforms. AgaMatrix products are powered by WaveSense, a suite of patented technologies that uniquely apply Dynamic Electrochemistry in blood glucose measurement, for accurate results. To learn more about the AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Monitoring System visit

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