Innovative Products for Diabetes Care

We develop and manufacture next generation biosensors and blood glucose monitors.
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Our History

  • 2015 Android™ Support
    AgaMatrix releases the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App for Android, continuing the expansion of their connected health portfolio.
  • 2015 HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Support
    AgaMatrix adds HIPAA-compliant cloud support to the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App, making it easier than ever to back up data and view it across multiple devices.
  • 2014 AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App
    AgaMatrix continues to release connected health solutions with the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App for iPhone. Users can track glucose, insulin, carbs, and weight data all in one place. Read more or download the app.
  • 2013 Estimated A1c in a Meter
    AgaMatrix co-develops and manufactures the first self-monitoring device to provide estimated A1c values. Learn more about Sanofi's MyStar Extra® Meter
  • 2012 iBGStar® Mobile Meter
    AgaMatrix designed, developed, and manufactured the first FDA-cleared blood glucose meter that directly connects to the iPhone and iPod touch® - available exclusively from Sanofi as iBGStar
  • 2011 Perrigo Partnership
    Perrigo enters into an exclusive sales and distribution agreement with AgaMatrix to develop and market private label blood glucose meters for major retailers. Read more about our partnerships.
  • 2010 Direct Connect Cable
    AgaMatrix gains FDA clearance for iPhone® connectivity via the Direct Connect Cable. Users can transfer data directly from their AgaMatrix Meters to the WaveSense™ app on their iPhone® or iPod touch®.
  • 2010 Sanofi Partnership
    Sanofi-aventis and AgaMatrix enter into a worldwide agreement to co-develop innovative blood glucose monitoring solutions with the aim to simplify patients' and healthcare providers' diabetes management experience.
  • 2009 WaveSense™ Diabetes Manager App
    AgaMatrix releases their first mobile app for users to track and share glucose, insulin, and carb data–years ahead of other blood glucose monitoring companies.
  • 2007 Bluetooth® Connectivity
    AgaMatrix develops their first blood glucose meter with Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • 2007 Zero-Click™ Data Management
    AgaMatrix releases their first data management software. The Zero-Click™ Cable and Software allows users to easily download, review, and share blood glucose results from AgaMatrix Meters.
  • 2006 Meter with Premium Features
    AgaMatrix releases their first no code blood glucose meter featuring Dynamic Electrochemistry® and advanced data management capabilities.
  • 2005 Dynamic Electrochemistry®
    AgaMatrix receives FDA approval for their first meter with proprietary Dynamic Electrochemistry®. Using advanced digital signal processing algorithms, Dynamic Electrochemistry detects and corrects for errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.
  • 2003 Patented Technology
    AgaMatrix files their first patent to protect their innovative, proprietary methods in blood glucose analysis.
  • 2001 Start-Up
    Improved Accuracy = Better Medicine
    With this founding principle, AgaMatrix starts out as an experiment on a kitchen table.
Specifically designed devices, which fit conveniently into a patient’s daily lifestyle...will improve diabetes management.