Just plug in and Zero-Click™ automatically:
  • Identifies the meter
  • Launches the Zero-Click Software
  • Downloads glucose results to the user’s profile
  • Instantly displays easy-to-view charts

Now works with Windows 7 & 8!

Installs in 4 Languages: English, French, Spanish and German

Easily Manage Blood Glucose Results: Zero-Click Data Management Software allows users and healthcare professionals to easily download results from AgaMatrix blood glucose meters. Zero-Click provides dynamic reports that allow you to spot trends in your numbers.

Zero-Click: Daily Digest
Daily Digest™: Key information is placed on the front page to make reviewing your data fast and easy.

Zero-Click: Logbook

Log Book Comments: Add comments to log book entries to provide context for unusual results.

Zero-Click: Virtual Meter

Virtual Meter™: Zero-Click allows you to easily change the settings on your meter using your computer.

Zero-Click: Glucose Trend

Expert Reports: Zero-Click has unique reports designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Professional Mode: Store information on up to 10,000 individual patients and utilize advanced features for specialized patient care.

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