The Premium Meter has extra
data management features to help users
understand their test results.

Premium Meter

National Average Savings (50 count test strips)
Based on Retail Prices:

National Brand $20.00
Premium Brand (AgaMatrix) $15.00
Tests Per Day 3
Savings Over 1 Year $109.50
Actual prices and savings may vary

The Premium meter is distributed under different brand names and colors.

Coming Soon:
Direct Connect Cable
to download results
from your meter
to an iPhone® app.

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Direct Connect Cable (Premium Meter)

Key Features
  • No Coding Required
  • As fast as 1-2-3®*
  • Large, backlit digits
  • Non-slip rubber grips and feet
  • 1,865 test memory
  • 0.5 µL Small Sample Size
  • Alternative Site Testing
  • Test Strip Fill Confirmation
  • Automatic marking of control solution
Data Management Features
  • Pre/Post Mealtime Tagging: See how food affects your results
  • Postitive Feedback: Displayed when results are within a specific target range
  • Graphing and Averaging
  • Standard Deviation: Helps track the variability of your glucose results
  • Time-of-Day Averages
  • 7 User-Settable Reminder Alarms

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‡Source: Based on national average private insurance co-pay amounts

*Average test time 6 seconds.

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