WaveSense™ is a suite of patented technologies that uniquely employs Dynamic Electrochemistry® to extract a spectrum of information inaccessible to traditional static electrochemical methods in blood glucose monitoring. Error-correcting input signals from WaveSense™ enabled blood glucose meters provide more comprehensive data. This information can then be exploited by sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms to give more accurate glucose readings.

What can cause distortions in BG (Blood Glucose) results?

Results may be distorted by variations in blood samples, environmental conditions, and manufacturing processes. WaveSense™ Dynamic Electrochemistry® detects and corrects for common distortions in blood samples.
Distorted Blood Glucose Signal

WaveSense™ Dynamic Electrochemistry® Technology

WaveSense™ Technology sends complex electrical signals into the test strip to identify common sources of error. It then uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to detect and correct for many errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.

WaveSense™ Technology

Static Electrochemistry (Many Other Meters)

Static Electrochemistry sends a constant flat signal into the test strip, typically ignoring distorting factors.
Static Electrochemistry

Why Accuracy Matters

In clinical studies, the AgaMatrix Standard Meter (“Presto”) provided results within ±10% from a laboratory standard 93% of the time.* The industry standard accuracy for blood glucose meters allows for ±20% variation from a laboratory standard.
Accuracy Funnel

*Based on an ISO 15197 system accuracy study; YSI reference, Type 1 & Type 2 participants.